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Curators Beware

That belongs in a museum!

Julius Strathclyde has been dragged through to an alternative earth. Now, training as a quantum curator, every ancient book, every stolen gem and every lost Master lies at his fingertips. It’s incredible.

But he has some problems; he can’t get home, priceless artefacts are being stolen and someone is trying to kill him. Oh, and he can’t get a decent cup of tea anywhere.

Following the disastrous Fabergé assignment, Neith Salah is blinded by grief and rage, she’s hardly a stable companion, but she’s the only one he trusts. From the Titanic to the Blitz and through Medieval France, they race to save treasures and their own skins.

As their unknown enemies draw closer, can they stay alive and reveal who is behind the looting of the museum?

Book two in the fast paced and witty Quantum Curators series.

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Praise for the The Quantum Curator Series

‘A protagonist who complains about British weather is one thing, but one who feels the Thames would be much improved by a few crocodiles is something else!’

‘Some genuinely laugh out loud moments plus a really engaging cast of characters, and a meta plot that has me hooked! Cannot wait for the next one!’

‘…a fun take, with engaging characters and good writing.’

‘… funny, bloody hilarious in places. Its characters are well written. I think, if the next one is as good, it will be the start of a bloody good series of books.’

‘A very entertaining, action-packed read with excellent characters and several good jokes – and no doubt some more I missed 🙂 Reminiscent of Ash by Mary Gentle and the Rivers of London series.’

‘…a delightfully fun read.’

‘St. John does a great job of weaving in real history with fiction and an alternative history. So much fun!’

‘It started interesting and just got better. The twists were unexpected and added to the story, can’t wait for the next instalment.’

‘Enjoyable and quirky.’

Hurley_QuantumCuratorsFabergeEgg_Ebook (002)
Hurley_QuantumCuratorsEnemyWithin_Ebook (002)